Gary Smith
Gary Smith is a Chartered Accountant, film producer, financier, and social media entrepreneur with over 20 years' experience in the film and entertainment industry, including executive producer credits on over 40 films with budgets in excess of $250 million.

In 1993 Gary founded Winchester Entertainment plc where he was Chief Executive and acted as Executive Producer on many of Winchester's films, including 'Shooting Fish' with Kate Beckinsale, 'Heartbreakers' with Sigourney Weaver and Gene Hackman and 'Last Orders' with Bob Hoskins and Michael Caine. In 2004 Gary co-founded Intandem Films plc where he served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until February 2013 when he left to establish Vumanity Content Ltd.

Gary has gained extensive experience in the international film industry throughout his career, including production, finance, distribution and sales. His contacts include senior management at most of the major studios, producers, financiers, agents and lawyers in the UK and North America and distributors around

Dayo Beverly
Dayo Beverly, Executive Producer, has worked with some of the brightest and most successful producers, directors, actors, and financiers in the industry. She holds a Master of Arts in English/Screenwriting and an MBA degree. She has a strong and experienced background in project creation, development and has a strong eye for story and has worked in all facets of production from pre to post. Beverly attended Virginia Union University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Morgan State University.

For the past ten years Beverly has been engulfed in connecting and utilizing her banking and finance relationships to bridge the gap between Producers who are seeking developmental and production funding for projects and small to mid size investors seeking to put money into these projects. She decided to work in this fashion after noticing a lack of strong financial backing for independent projects by the top studio executives. Raising capital is her passion, working with crew and structuring financing is where she thrives.

She started working alongside Kevin Arkadie since 2001 as a Producer Trainee, who Created and Produced "Soul Food", "Law and Order" and "New York Undercover," to name a few. She produced a film which featured well known actor Fred Savage titled "Go Inz," which has since won awards in various festival circuits. In addition, she has produced more then ten music videos, five large budget documentaries including one for PBS & HISTORY CHANNEL, has worked on several commercials, plays, and co-produced a pilot for an Improv Comedy Show for Comedy Central. In addition, she produced a sitcom pilot starring "B2k BAND members and BET's Hell Date" cast titled "Mama's Boys & Me," which is currently in development talks for independent and web distribution. This project was co- produced by Michael Wayans, of the WAYANS family.

Currently this year in 2016, she has arranged more than 3 million USD, in financing for projects and is on track for much more. Beverly's humanitarian efforts are close to her heart. Biannually she attends Fespaco Film festival in Burkina Faso West Africa to support the filmmakers; many of whom have studied with in various parts of the world. In 2012 she Co-Produced a documentary about the festival which starred Danny Glover exposing the festival to the world which is the single revenue stream for poverty stricken country of Burkina Faso. Born in Washington DC and moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to attend a Warner Brothers writing program. She has a 7 year old daughter who enjoys acting and sports. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, Women in Film, and moderates a panel each year at the American Film Festival Miami.

Adam Smith- Production Manager

Chole Smith- Marketing Manager