Hollywood Cries Directed by Los Angeles Barea

A brother & sister struggle with health, an actress tries to make it big but is confronted with prostitution, a mother tries to fight autism that has crippled her family and an immigrant looks for a realistic future as his girlfriend slips into insanity. A tragic accident brings them all together and reveals how they are connected. Everyone's soul cries for something better as they confront the past and find new paths.

Memoirs of a Virgin Produced by Irwin Miller

A Virgin writer of erotic novels explores her sexuality without being deflowered. Mia, a Catholic virgin writer, falls for an older publisher who helps her to explore her sexuality without actually deflowering her. This intense relationship spirals out of control into a psycho-sexual obsession that threatens to destroy them both.

Live starring Jamie Foxx

A prestigious Doctor who recently had a patient with a Near Death Experience following a car accident is assisted by and asked college girlfriend from med school who uses her wealthy family to support Dr. Eric's an Orthodox groundbreaking experiments. Together Dr. Mina and Dr. Eric starts a support group for those with similar experiences.

10 Things I Learned About Love

10 Things I Learned About Love is a poignant romantic comedy that shows that money, ambition, family and betrayal aren't nearly enough to triumph over true love.

Djinn Wars

Our Generation's Lord of the Rings. An oath has been broken. A world betrayed, forces bitter enemies to put aside long standing feuds of hate in a desperate hope to restore balance and defeat an ancient power hell-bent on destroying their world.

"Mojo Animation" Series Presented by producers of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Created by Everett Downing, Sony Pictures. 13-year-old Lucy Jenkins never imagined that she would be living in a world where magic exists, let alone posses the ability to use it. She gained her gifts on the same day that she lost her father, and she would trade them all away to get him back. Now she navigates a city where fantasy is a modern reality, using her abilities to try and find a way to reunite with her father. And it was going well until the 7-foot-tall, enchanted statue dropped into her life.